Friday, April 28, 2006

40 days to my first broadcast credit

Back when I started this blog last year, one of my goals was to secure a broadcast credit. Now it's happening - and I've still got another 17 months to go on my MA Screenwriting course! Today I got the final script for my first commissioned radio play, Island Blue: Ronald. It's being recorded on Tuesday, May 9th, and gets broadcast on BBC Radio 4 twenty-nine days later on Wednesday June 7th. Unlikely as it seems considering the sort of stories I've had published previously, my first broadcast credit will be a drama broadcast during Woman's Hour. The play gets repeated nine hours later from 7.45pm on Radio 4. For all those who miss it on radio, you'll have a week to hear it online via the BBC's Listen Again service. That's especially good news for me, as it means friends and relatives in others countries can hear it too. The title role in my play is being played by Crawford Logan, an actor whose longtime Doctor Who fans might recall as Deedrix in a late Tom Baker story called Meglos. Never actually watched Meglos myself, so that's no use to me!

Speaking of Doctor Who, a new episode called School Reunion is on BBC1 tomorrow night. It brings back the character of Sarah Jane Smith, who appeared alongside the third Doctor [played by Jon Pertwee] and the fourth Doctor [Tom Baker] between 1973 and 1976. Thirty years after leaving the TARDIS, Sarah Jane encounters the latest Doctor [played by David Tennant]. Normally, I'd be excited by seeing the favourite Doctor Who companion from my childhood back on screen. The fact I've spent the past year writing four hours of audio drama about Sarah's life after the Doctor makes the forthcoming TV episode a somewhat bizarre experience. Still, can't wait to watch it!

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Optimistic_Reader said...

Hi David, well done on the radio play - I started this year with the same goal, to get a broadcast credit of any kind. I've got an idea for a radio script I'd like to write, but have very little knowledge of radio - I'd be very interested in reading a bit more about your experience from writing the radio play to the broadcast. Of course, judging by your last post I see you might be a bit pushed for time lately. I'll certainly try to catch the broadcast as well. Good luck with the musical and the recording!