Thursday, April 27, 2006

Back to school, back to surreality

After two weeks away for the Easter break, this morning it's back to college for week 10 in trimester two of my part-time MA Screenwriting course at Edinburgh's Napier University. [As a seasoned hack, the mind rebels at typing such a long, clumsy sentence, but needs must and all that...] Feels like a lifetime such we broke up for Easter. Spring has well and truly sprung, whereas we were still getting snow flurries at the start of April locally. In the interregnum I've had my first radio script signed off, bashed out a Phantom script, written my script for part three of Fiends of the Eastern Front: Stalingrad comic serial and attended the 2006 CWA conference. Happily, my ankle is well on the mend, but I'll still be taking it easy at college today.

Only three weeks until we have to hand in our final pieces of assessed work for trimester two. I'm already well into writing the second or third draft [I lose count] of my ten-minute script for the Script Development Workshop module, but haven't much progressed my final presentation in the Writing for Interactive module. So, that's a job for my copious spare time in the next three weeks. Along with more Fiends script, plotting a Phantom short story, getting Sweet Charity ready for openign night on May 9th, learning my lines, practising the dance routines without further hurting my right ankle, attending the recording session for my radio play and a bunch of other stuff.

No rest for the wicked, eh? Although, if the wicked get no rest, how do they even have the time [and energy] to be wicked? Anyway, it's Thursday - open up and say argh...

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