Sunday, March 26, 2006

Season 5 finale of 'The Shield' [no spoilers]

Oh. My. God. Just watched the season five finale of The Shield, which aired on FX this week. I can't believe they did that. You know the sort of hype that gets put out to promote key episodes of TV shows - 'nothing will ever be the same again', that kind of thing. For once, a programme lived up to the hype. It's been a cracking season, a real step up from the last two years. Season 3 was about dividing the Strike Team, while Season 4 was about putting it back together.

But in Season 5 you get a real sense the programme makers know they are nearing the end now. Actions have consequences and the characters you love most are paying the price. There's another batch of episodes coming within the next 12 months, and those could well be the finale for The Shield. I hate for this show to finish, but it's almost worth losing the series to get this quality of drama. Outstanding.


Lee said...

"the characters you love most" are lying, whoring, drug-dealing, murderous policemen, even Lem.

And therein lies the genius of The Shield.

Luke Sims said...

Powerful ending! Its amlost annoying that the Sopranos is such a slow burn compared to this roller coaster.