Monday, December 19, 2005

Once more, with feeling

So, last week proved to be something of a washout on the writing front. Three days of feeling like death warmed up, unable to concentrate for more than five minutes at a time, interspersed with dizzy spells and doziness. By Thursday I was sufficiently on the mend to drag my sorry arse into college for the last teaching day of 20005 for part-timers on the MA Screenwriting course. On Friday my kindly editor at Black Flame, Christian Dunn, agreed to give me an extra week to deliver Fiends 3, taking the pressure off. I'm now back on a four-week clock, but feel like things are under my control again.

Went surfing on the internet and discovered has already posted the cover for Fiends 3, Twilight of the Dead. Hey, I haven't written the book yet! Hell, I haven't finished the first chapter yet! Sheesh, give a scribe a chance, will you?

Saddened to read about the death of actor John Spencer, best known for playing Leo in The West Wing. He was a stunning character actor, able to invest his roles with a reality above and beyond the quality of the writing. While most people are praising his keynote roles, I love his smaller cameo appearances in things like Sea of Love or Hiding Out. No matter how good or bad the script, John Spencer seemed to bring his best to the part. Now that's class. He'll be much missed.


Jim Swallow said...

"Three days of feeling like death warmed up..."

Look at it this way; at least you'll be able to write from the POV of the undead with some degree of empathy.

David Bishop said...

True, but you never see zombies searching for a box of man-sized tissues enriched with balm to soothe their cherry-red nose.