Wednesday, December 14, 2005

On my radio

Blahhh - still suffering the lurgy that will not sod off. Managed to cobble together 2000 words on Fiends 3 today, in between dizzy spells and my nostrils pretending to be taps for snot. It's off to college tomorrow, which means by 9am on Friday I'll have written a grand total of less than 3000 words for my novel. That leaves me three weeks to write the other 67,000 words, a three week period that includes Christmas and New Year. Ho-ho-bloody-ho.

To relieve the frustration, I've just written three one-paragraph pitches for possible radio plays and emailed them off to David Ian Neville, a radio drama development producer at BBC Scotland. I've met him several times over the past couple of years and he's been gently encouraging me to pitch stuff for radio. Earlier this year I got myself on to a radio drama mini-lab in Dundee run by David and Dundee Rep, two days of working with other wannabes to find out if we've got what it takes to write for radio.

Since then I've been invited to pitch for two gateway slots designed to bring on new talent - and struck out both times. That's part of the reason why I'm doing the MA in Screenwriting, to improve my craft. I believe I've got enough good ideas for stories, but convincing others to pay for me for privilege of doing this in film, TV or radio is the problem.

Anyway, three radio ideas from me are now clogging up an inbox at the BBC. I won't spill the beans on the plots, but the working titles are Prejudice and Pride, Shooting the Dead, and Forgive Us Our Trespasses. It should be interesting to see which (if any!) of this arouse some interest...

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