Saturday, October 15, 2005

You know it's Winter when...

You have to switch from wearing Converse All-Stars to Caterpillar boots to prevent frostbite.

You spend five minutes scraping ice off the car windscreen before driving anywhere.

You have to turn on the bathroom light to avoid urinating on the floor.

You spend twenty minutes trying to remember what you did with your gloves.

You spend five minutes watching the steam rise from your knees in the bath.

You abandon your diet because all animals put on weight for the winter.

You wish you could hibernate.

You start counting the days to December 21st.

You write blog entries about knowing it's Winter.


But enough of that. Time for a bracing walk in the sunshine.


One last 'You know...'

You know it's Winter when you use the word bracing in conversation and you're neither a 19th Century miner nor digging an escape tunnel from a German prisoner of war camp.

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