Monday, January 07, 2013

My writing goal for 2013: tell six stories

Most years I set a list of diverse goals and ambitions for myself - and most years I'm likely to achieve half that list. Sof ro 2013, I'm taking a different approach. Rather than spread myself too thin, trying to do too many different things, I'm going to tell six stories.

I'm not going to stipulate if the stories are film, TV or radio drama ideas. They might be written as scripts or in prose. They might be optioned or commissioned or simply get read. But in 2013 I'll develop and write a polished draft of six different stories.

I'm going to name three of them now, and leave the other three unnamed. Why? I'm giving myself room to come up with better ideas than the six I'm currently nurturing. Actually, I've far too many ideas, but that doesn't mean they're all worth writing.

In no particular order, three of my six stories for 2013 will be: Tealeaf, currently a children's TV drama idea; Better Angels, a feature film or TV drama series idea; and Families At War, a page 1 rewrite of my first calling card - to see if I can get it right.

I reserve the right to substitute these three with other stories if required. Why? Because I'll be devoting at least a month of my writing time to each project and I want to use those hours, days and weeks fruitfully. Most of all, I want to be writing - not just talking about it.

So that's my year ahead sorted - what's your writing goal for 2013?


Alistair Rutherford said...

Knowing you, David, you'll achieve them all.

For me, goal number one is to write a new feature script and then film it this summer, on a tiny, tiny budget, in Scotland. Goal number two is an audio drama - writing the script now - which will also be self-produced and recorded before the end of Jan. Number one will likely dominate most of the year.

All the best with yours!

Anonymous said...

Good way of looking at it, I like it. I'm still looking at what's available/feasible/a must for me, and I've reserved the right to pronounce a final version of my goals by the end of January...but first on any list is polishing my novel and send it away :)

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