Saturday, May 02, 2009

Taking the rest of the month off

Vicious Imagery is going on sabbatical during May. I've got a week's holiday in the middle of this month - interrupted for a day so I can travel back to the UK for a Red Planet workshop with Tony Jordan. No sooner do I get home, than I'm off again to attend an academic conference about science fiction, novelisations and adaptations in Belgium. These excursions leave me 18 days this month - and I'll be working at Edinburgh Napier for five of them.

So, that leaves 13 days to write the 60-page third draft of my Lighthouse project script, the second draft of a 10,000 word talking book, several story of the day pitches for Doctors, a script report for Scottish Screen, rewrite the business plan for our local Corn Exchange, research and write a one hour lecture about revenge narrative in contemporary Hollywood cinema - and an academic paper about Doctor Who literature's ongoing influence.

As a consequence, there's going to be a lot of early starts and late nights. So it's time to prioritise and blogging will have to wait. I'll be back in June with the final part of my writer's journey, maybe some thoughts about the Lighthouse experience and the usual ramblings. I'm fast approaching my 1500th post on this blog. Not sure if that'll be the end for Vicious Imagery. Will contemplate that during May. As ever - onwards!


Sofluid said...

Noooo don't kill the blog!

The very best of luck to you sir in your quest to fulfill all those work demands! I'm sure that you'll have a fab time on your excursions, though! Enjoy it :)

Look forward to hearing about it all in June! :)

the daily screenwriter said...

Wow. That is one impressive work rate. Hope the blog survives. It's a great read. And it's nice to see a fellow New Zealander making good on the other side of the world.