Thursday, June 19, 2008

BBC writersroom coming to a city near you

Don't know if other scribes based in Scotland are already aware of this, but the BBC writersroom is going on tour with a roadshow and first stop is Edinburgh next Tuesday. Here's the official announcement, cribbed from the BBC writersroom site:
BBC writersroom Roadshows
We're coming to a town near you!

Ever wondered what happens to your script when you send it in? Exactly how we assess your work and what we're looking for? What grabs us and what puts us off?

Here's your chance to put your questions to the people who assess up to 10,000 scripts a year for the BBC. You can also bring your script to hand in to us in person - but please make sure it meets our guidelines.

The first roadshow is at the end of June in Edinburgh:
5pm - 6.30pm, Tuesday 24 June 2008
Traverse 2, Traverse Theatre
10 Cambridge Street, Edinburgh EH1 2ED

The event will be hosted by Kate Rowland, the BBC's Creative Director, New Writing. Places are limited so we're running a guest list - to add your name to the list please email

We'll be taking the roadshow around the country in 2008, so watch this space for details of further events.

Planned locations include:

* Belfast
* Birmingham
* Brighton
* Bristol
* Cardiff
* Leicester
* London
* Manchester
* Sheffield


Anonymous said...

Thanks for alerting us to that. However, I've sent my request to be there and got a couple of auto-reply messages back, not mentioning whether I have a place on it. Is this the usual response from the writersroom?

Andrew Tibbs said...

It's normal - I've had it before and just got it now - see you there guys.