Thursday, September 27, 2007

Strange days, indeed. Most peculiar, brother.

Got perhaps the most mentalist travel itinerary over the next three days. Tomorrow morning I get up before 5 am to drive to Edinburgh to get a six o'clock train south. Get off that at 9 for a six hour meeting. Get on another train for another three hour journey, this time to London. Spent about nine hours overnight visiting friends in London and trying to get a modicum of sleep.

Saturday: get up at 5 am to get a train to Heathrow. Get a flight to Oslo. Get another flight from Oslo to Bergen. I think both places are in Norway, but right now I can't honestly remember. Go to the Raptus Comics Festival. Find the hotel where I'm staying in Norway [right now, I've no idea where that is - the hotel I mean, not Norway] and collapse as a gibbering heap in the corner.

Sunday: a sleep in would be nice, and probably obligatory by this point. Spend the day at the Raptus Comics Festival. Get from Bergen to the airport. Get a flight to Amsterdam. Get a flight from Amsterdam to Edinburgh. Drive or get driven back from Edinburgh to Biggar, where I live. Fall over and don't wake up for a week.

By my estimate the next three days involves a minimum of three train trips, four flights, and an unknown number of car trips - so a full set of planes, trains and automobiles. I'll be visiting four different countries, two different time zones and meeting thousands of strangers. The good news is I've found my passport. The bad news is I haven't started packing yet. Yikes.

As you can guess from this madcap weekend of hilarious consequences, I've no idea when I'll blogging next. But you guys know the drill by now, right? Talk amongst yourselves, try not to spill anything and everybody play nice with the other kids. Don't make me come back in here and separate you, hear?


potdoll said...

Have fun David! x

Jason Arnopp said...

This takes me back to the heady days when rock musicians were more extravagant. Remember when Def Leppard played three gigs across three continents in something like 24 hours? And here's the really remarkable thing: all three gigs were equally rubbish.

Safe journeys, sir, and enjoy!

John Soanes said...

Given the various forms of transport involved, I can only hope that you don't find yourself sitting next to a chap called Del Griffith ...
Safe trip(s)!

Jason Arnopp said...

You hear that, Mr Bishop? Your articles are really good written. I've always said as much.