Sunday, April 29, 2007

My five goals [not five own-goals of mine]

Mammary-obsessed scribe Lucy has tagged me, so it seems I have to list five goals I'm pursuing. I'm pish at responding to such tags, but this one coincidences with a similar request from my mentor, so I'll give it a go. I'm restricting myself to goals and priorities I believe are achievable within the next 24 months.

1. Complete my screenwriting MA. I've finished six modules and gotten passes with distinction on each. I've got two small modules to complete, and the final project to tackle. All things being equal, this goal should be attained by the end of September.

2. Build a portfolio of scripts showing my voice and range as a screenwriter. I've got a 10-minute script that needs some spit and polish, the much-loved Danny's Toys could do with a little TLC to burnish its appeal, and my TV pilot needs at least two more drafts before I let readers loose on it. My final project's probably going to be a 90-page screenplay, so that would fill that gap in my portfolio. Wouldn't mind having another TV pilot as well, but that'll have to wait until June or July now.

3. Get an agent. Yes, like so many, I'm following the Adrian Mead playbook on how to secure representation. Build portfolio, identify potential agencies, try to get a referral or two from established writers - all key steps on the path of an agent. Time and again it's hammered home to me how important having representation is to even be considered by indie prodcos like Kudos. Spooks frequently uses writers who've never written for TV - film screenwriters, novelists, playwrights, radio drama writers - but they all had an agent to secure that initial meeting.

4. Have another radio play broadcast. All too aware I haven't done enough to pursue this avenue since Island Blue: Ronald was on last June [grud, nearly a year ago]. Am determined to set my exocet mentality on this goal come June, once I'm completed all the tutored modules on my MA.

5. Secure work experience as a TV drama storyliner or script editor. Some of my most enjoyable working experiences have been collaborating with other writers, either in a writing team or as an editor helping a writer get the most out of their script. I got a lot out of the TAPS script editing workshop last December and have booked a place on the Script Factory's Storylining for Soaps workship in London next month. Openings are few and far between in this field, but if I kept knocking on doors, perhaps I can secure some invaluable work experience.

Come back in April 2009 and see how many goals I've attained.

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missread said...

Good Goals :)

Allegedly agents approached the Screen Academy last year and asked for portfolios - hopefully that will happen for us this year too!