Saturday, December 31, 2016

Reflecting on 2016, planning for 2017

Stuff I did and stuff that happened in 2016:
Wrote my 46th issue of Fantomen comic, as yet unpublished. 
My 2002 Doctor Who novel Amorality Tale was released as an unabridged audio book, read by Dan Starkey, which was nice.
Revisited my Doctor Who novel Who Killed Kennedy and added a new ending to create a 20th anniversary edition, one with which I'm finally happy - you can read the ebook free here.

Signed the contract to co-write a putative trilogy of SF novels about which I can say no more.

Updated and expanded my Inspector Morse guide by nearly 50,000 words and published it as an ebook, Endeavour: The Complete Inspector Morse, available exclusively for Kindle readers through Amazon.

Spent several fruitless months in development hell working on Tealeaf, my TV project for pre-teens.

Devoted several months to finessing the treatment for my rom-com spec feature Nobody's Perfect, working with a development student at the National Film & Television School.
Stuff I will do and stuff that will be happening in 2017:
Thrill-Power Overload - my history of iconic British weekly 2000AD - is being reissued in February 2017. The edition will be hardback, 400 pages and updated with new material by journalist Karl Stock to cover the last ten years. I'll even be attending 2000AD's 40th birthday bash in London to help pimp the book. You can pre-order Thrill-Power Overload here
I'll be working on the co-written trilogy about which I can say no more. 
I'll be writing at least a first draft of Nobody's Perfect.

And I'll be starting a Creative Writing PhD at Lancaster University in January, part-time via distance learning. For this I will be writing a historical crime novel with the working title Safer To Be Feared.
I may well spend some more time in children's TV development hell, and would love to write another script for Fantomen, but the things listed above are my 2017 priorities.


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Ian Dickerson said...

Ah yes, development hell. Know it well. You have my sympathies.

A Fellow Resident.