Sunday, October 11, 2015

Vicious Imagery going into mothballs soon

This blog was launched ten years ago - ten years ago yesterday, to be precise. It has long since ceased to fulfill the original purpose, charting my time as an MA Screenwriting student. After that I used it to follow my progress as an emerging screenwriter, which proved increasingly problematic as I actually started to get work in that field. Lately it has been much neglected, with occasional postings - mostly music videos of a Kiwi persuasion.

I had a stat counter on Vicious Imagery, but lost all that data about five years in. I do know that the blog has attracted nearly 650,000 visits in the past five years - despite the fact I haven't been posting nearly so much as I once did - which is nice. Anyway, I'm going to officially mothball Vicious Imagery soon, but I have a few random observations left to make before then. I won't be deleting the blog, it still attracts up to 300 visits a day so there's some useful content in the archive. But the end is coming for new posts here...


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