Monday, December 22, 2014

My 3 writing goals for the first three months of 2015

Setting goals for yourself as a freelance writer is essential if you want to progress. I used to diligently set goals every year and check how well they were going. Lately? Not so much. As a result things drifted. I was busy, but wasn't doing enough writing. Realising this, I sensibly decided there was little point networking myself without fresh material.

Having rediscovered my writing mojo, I am also recommitting myself to goal setting for 2015. I'm not going to plot goals for the whole year, I prefer to have some flexibility so I can respond to opportunities as they arise. But I am determined to stake out my writing territory for the next three months and stick to it, come hell or high water.

Goal #1: develop pitch documents for two new returning TV series ideas aimed at pre-teen audiences. Happily, I already have two ideas rolling round in my head for both of these, but I need to commit them to paper/pixels. I'm excited about each of them and achieving this goal is entirely in my power to make happen. Plus, they support goal #2.

Goal #2: pursue meetings about TEALEAF, my pre-teen TV pilot script which was a winner in the BBC writersroom Script Room 7. That isn't a truly smart goal as it's hard to measure, but I need to make the most of my opportunity [something I've failed to do in the past]. I've two meetings set for early 2015, with another on the horizon.

Goal #3: finish the first draft of my rom-com spec feature screenplay. I have been writing this in fits and bursts during 2014, so I need a disciplined effort to complete it. Only then can I usefully assess the value of this project and decide what to do next [rewrite or set aside]. Again, this is all down to me so I have no excuses for failing!

There you have it: two goals I can definitely make happen, and another that needs to be pursued. I'm giving myself to the end of March 2015 to achieve all three. Onwards!


Adaddinsane said...

I certainly work better with deadlines, preferably inflicted from an exterior source.

Failing that I've decide to publish a book a month in the coming year.

Yes, that's crazy. Most of them will 30K novellas, but there will be three novels. I have it planned out :-) I just have to maintain NaNoWriMo-speed writing, which isn't that hard.


Inspried by The Wedding Present's record a month plan of old?

I had 600,000 words published across various media in 2004, and another half million the year after [I slowed down due to starting a screenwriting MA].

Best of luck!