Thursday, March 07, 2013

Films of Michael Caine: The 1970s

Iconic British film actor Michael Caine will be celebrating his 80th birthday this month. To mark the occasion, I'm publishing decade by decade links to my comprehensive analysis for 80 of his movies from Zulu [1964] through to The Actors [2003] - today it's the 1970s. [All of these are lifted from my 2003 book Starring Michael Caine, so apologies in advance for any inaccuracies.]

Too Late the Hero [1970]
The Last Valley [1970]
Get Carter [1971]
Kidnapped [1972]
Zee & Co [1972]
Pulp [1972]
Sleuth [1972]
The Black Windmill [1974]
The Marseille Contract [1974]
The Wilby Conspiracy [1975]
The Romantic Englishwoman [1975]
Peeper [1975]
The Man Who Would Be King [1975]
Harry and Walter Go to New York [1976]
The Eagle Has Landed [1976]
A Bridge Too Far [1977]
Silver Bears [1977]
The Swarm [1978]
California Suite [1978]
Ashanti [1979]
Beyond the Poseidon Adventures [1979]

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