Monday, March 25, 2013

"An unlikely policeman" - Endeavour Morse returns

Last year ITV broadcast Endeavour, a one-off drama to make the 25th anniversary of Inspector Morse's television debut. The script by Russell Lewis went back to the 1960s, showing us the Oxford detective's first murder investigation as a young copper, played by Shaun Evans. It could have been dire, but proved a critical and popular success.

UPDATE: Barrington Pheloung got in touch via Twitter [see above] to say the music used in the Endeavour promo above is not composed by him. Funnily enough, the music was the one element that I didn't like it! Morse and the music of Barrington Pheloung are pretty much inseparable, shame they didn't use one of his cues for the promo...

Endeavour: Shaun Evans [centre] stars as young Morse, photo: ITV

A commission for further episodes of Endeavour was inevitable, especially with Morse spin-off Lewis coming to an end. It remains to be seen if the first full-length series of Endeavour can sustain the high standards set by the unofficial pilot, but advance reviews are promising. We'll be able to see for ourselves with four new stories coming soon...

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