Friday, June 15, 2012

Senses working overtime: more Nina & the Neurons

Delighted to report I've just signed a contract to write five more episodes for Nina and the Neurons on CBeebies, the acclaimed science show for pre-schoolers. I'm not revealing any secrets if I mention the forthcoming series is entitled Go Engineering. We're looking at how engineers invent, improve, shape, build and share ideas in all sorts of ways.

Had a blast writing for the previous series, Brilliant Bodies, and probably learned as much as those who watched the show. Plus working on Nina and the Neurons has done wonders for my street cred with various nieces and nephews [one of them even got a gold star for a project based on an ep of mine]. Makes a change from my writing gigs.

Read about the process of scripting Nina and the Neurons here. Meanwhile - onwards!

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Maurice Mitchell said...

How awesome! Working on that show should be so much fun!