Monday, March 26, 2012

Should I cobweb Vicious Imagery as a blog?

I don't seem to write much about writing on this blog anymore. In fact, I don't seem to write much about anything here. Since 2012 started I've barely added a handful of posts about writing. The vast bulk of my entries have been clips that caught my eye.

Nothing wrong with that, but it feels like Vicious Imagery might have outlived its original purpose. I began the blog in October 2005 as a way to chart my progress while studying for my screenwriting MA, and I decided to keep it going afterwards.

Four and a half years on from finishing my MA, the blog seems something of an afterthought. So maybe it's time to call time on Vicious Imagery. I don't plan to delete the blog, it gets 10,000 hits a month which suggests 300+ people a day find it useful.

But I am considering cobwebbing Vicious Imagery for the moment. What do you think, regular readers? Should I let this blog lie fallow for a while? Pull the plug altogether? Or keep adding to it occasionally and maintain the resource. I'm open to suggestions.


Lee Hamilton said...

you don't have to write it any more but keep it online so folks can still read old posts.

Rob said...

Are you shitting me? Some of the best and funniest clips I see online come from this blog! Please don't retire yet, it's fun. For me!

Adaddinsane said...

But when you do want to say something you need a place to say it - and clips good.

80waves said...

Sorry to arrive late at the replies party. I´m a regular reader of your blog, and I much prefer your talk about writing, either your own work or other people's. I don´t usually follow your links (though I loved the Argentinian musician and his two kids doing the Depeche Mode cover).

And I particularly like the regular reminders of what an indolent sloth I am, compared to your insane work rate.

So rather than cobwebbing the blog, my vote is for more writerly stuff and less linkerly stuff.

And why have so few people responded, when I suspect you have an audience of millions? Very poor manners!

Jonathan Bennett