Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Get stuff when you donate to my Movember

I have donated my face to Movember this year and am attempting to grow a 'tache for cash. Above you can see the results after eight days - not exactly impressive, but I've never been the most hirsute. Several lovely people donated last week, pushing my total close to £100. But I want to raise more money and awareness for health issues.

So here comes the hard sell: donate £5 and I'll email you a Doctor Who short story that's been out of print for a decade. Donate £15 and I'll email you a text pdf of Starring Michael Caine, my guide to 80 films featuring one of Britain's most iconic actors. Donate £27 and you'll get both, plus pdf text for one of my 20 published novels [your choice!].

So what are you waiting for? Get donating. Now! Go here to donate. Do it.

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