Friday, September 09, 2011

Screenwriting gurus coming to Glasgow

I've done a lot of short courses over the past five years, and for most of them I had to travel outside Scotland - generally down to London. So it's a pleasure to pimp out a screenwriting seminar coming to Glasgow in November, run by two very experienced people: writer Philip Gladwin and producer/script editor Philip Shelley.

The Authoritative Guide to Writing - and Selling! - a Great Screenplay tackles lots of big challenges that confront every scribe. Creating memorable, vivid characters. Writing subtext into dialogue. Building industry connections. The perfect one-page pitch doc. Winning over commissioning editors. And more.

November 12-13 in Glasgow. Only 30 places. Philip and Philip offer lots of added value - go here for more details. Book now to get the early bird price of £197. I've yet to meet Philip Gladwin, but Philip Shelley's insights are worth the money IMHO [otherwise I wouldn't endorse this]. How much are your screenwriting aspirations worth to you?

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