Friday, February 25, 2011

Your chance to say thanks to former Tharg Steve MacManus

A few weeks back I was singing the praises of Steve MacManus, editor of iconic British comic 2000AD during its [arguably] most glorious days in the 1980s. Steve is leaving comics in April, after 37 years working in editorial. That blog post attracted a lot of positive comments here, on Twitter and sundry online message boards. Well, now's your chance to make a contribution to Steve's leaving card. Not money - just some message of thanks and gratitude for all Steve's done over the years.

Far too many unsung heroes only get the praise they deserve when it's too late. [Witness the outpouring of feeling following the sudden death of great US comics creator Dwayne McDuffie this week, or a few years back when British comics lettering legend Tom Frame died.] Thankfully, people are learning. There was a great gathering of get well messages recently for Judge Dredd co-creator Carlos Ezquerra as he was recovering from cancer. So, let's show our respect for Steve MacManus.

If you want to contribute a note, a message or a wee drawing for Steve's leaving card, this is your chance. It will have to be old school [i.e. on paper!] and, ideally, no larger than A4 in size. Send your contribution to: Steve Mac's Leaving Card, c/o Martin Morgan, Syndication & Production Administrator, Egmont Publishing Group, 239 Kensington High Street , London W8 6SA. Deadline for delivery is Monday, March 28th [2011 - you needed to ask?].

For reasons surpassing my comprehension, I'm currently unable to post on the official 2000AD message boards. So could some kindly reader of Vicious Imagery who can post there please cut and paste this message up for others to see? Spread the word! Do it now, Earthlets.

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