Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yesterday: just another manic Tuesday. Today: ?

Had a busy day yesterday. After a frenzy of writing in the morning, drove to Glasgow for an afternoon of stuff. Appeared on BBC Radio Scotland's Culture Cafe talking about the imminent impact of product placement rules being relaxed for UK TV. [British residents can hear me burbling away via the magic of iPlayer for the next week - just go here.]

Despite talking about produce placement, BBC rules meant we couldn't name any of the brands we were discussing. Felt like we were playing a game show called Imply/Infer. [Hmm, quite fancy the sound of that!] But to get permission to use an audio clip from The Truman Show, the Culture Cafe had to plug the Paramount film's DVD. Bizarre.

Next I had a script meeting with a producer where we spent a lot of time talking about broken bones. Unfortunately, the contracts for this gig haven't been signed yet so I can't emerge from my superstition-induced Cone of Silence to tell you what I'm writing. Let's just say pre-schoolers are the audience, and it's not drama or comedy.

Then it was straight to another meeting, catching up with an independent producer I first met at the Scottish BAFTAs back in 2007. We haven't worked together on anything yet, but keep in touch and swap stories from our respective trenches. Hopefully the planets will align for us to collaborate on something sooner, rather than later.

Today I will mostly be second drafting, and waiting for news from Edinburgh Napier University where I teach part-time on the Creative Writing MA. Academic redundancies are afoot and announcements are imminent. This has been rumbling on for months, but a new teaching trimester starts tomorrow for us - or does it? On, well. Onwards!

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Ali Rutherford said...

Radio on the iPlayer can be picked up in the US at least, my last play was listened to in California, I know that for a fact :)

Hope all goes well with the job and the secret gig...