Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tell people you're writing 61k in a month and they freak

I'm on a break from writing computer strategy game Fate of the World until January. The start of next year looks like another busy spell, with several potential writing gigs looming including - fingers crossed - a trial script for something I've been pursing the better part of five years. Many irons, numerous fires, so little time.

But all of that looks like work for 2011. So, what am I doing to keep myself busy between now and the first week of January? Writing a 61,000 word book, of course. [I'm also teaching and will be spending a lot of time marking over the next two weeks, but that's my part-time job and an ongoing thing, so I take it as read.]

I've noticed a strange reaction whenever I mention writing a book over the next month: people freak out a bit. I suppose 61,000 words in about 30 days sounds a bit daunting, but I've done it before. Indeed, a third of the book is pre-written, although that will need significant revision. So it's not an impossible ask.

I've already done much of the research. Mostly a matter of applying bum to chair and writing. Aside from my teaching gig there aren't too many other potential diversions between now and Christmas. Apologies if I'm blogging much between now and Christmas - I'm busy writing. In the meantime, keep warm and stay happy. Onwards!

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Adaddinsane said...

Part-timer :-)

Actually my only thought was 61?

Oooh, today's verification word is "nonodom": Being in denial.