Friday, October 29, 2010

Watch a reading of Ali Rutherford's Backflip first act

Several of my classmates from the 2007 MA screenwriting class at Screen Academy Scotland have been making big strides. One of them is Ali Rutherford, who's been writing commissioned feature screenplays, radio drama for the BBC and professionally staged plays [amongst other things]. He makes things happen, a useful quality for any writer.

Ali entered his science fiction project Backflip for the Wildsound Feature Screenplay Contest in Toronto. It's one of two finalists from 350 entries, earning a public reading by professional actors on October 16th [which you can watch on the clip above]. If you like the script, go online to vote for Ali and Backflip here.

In the interests of fairness, I should point out the other finalist is Fishing with Dynamite by Randy Sumeraj. Have to confess I misread the title of Randy's screenplay every time I see it, probably because my mind's in the gutter. But it would have to be a porno if the feature was called Fisting with Dynamite. Onwards!

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