Monday, October 25, 2010

Recovering from a madcap few weeks of stuff

It's been end to end stuff lately, hence the lack of updates or blog postings lately on Vicious Imagery. But that will hopefully change over the coming weeks as I emerge blinking from a madcap few weeks. For a start, the Biggar Little Festival has finished for another year, freeing up a lot of time in the evenings.

This year's BLF was my busiest ever. I sang and acted opera scenes and selections from musicals in the Mostly Musicals show last Friday. I acted in a short play for the annual Biggar Shorts one-act play event last Monday. Both Saturdays of the festival I ran workshops - screenwriting first, then novel writing.

Just for fun, I took part in a two-hour tango dancing class on Saturday just gone. Now I can promenade, reverse step and court step very, very badly indeed. But all of that is behind me now, freeing up Monday nights, Wednesday nights and sundry other chunks of time and space consumed by rehearsals, prep and delivery.

What am I writing? My third episode of Doctors is now at fourth draft stage, awaiting lock-off notes or maybe a fifth draft, for broadcast on a Friday next March. Friday eps often have a big cliffhanger ending or significant serial storyline development, so there's a big more pressure to get this one right than before.

[In case you're wondering - no, you haven't missed seeing my second ep. It's due to tx on Thursday, November 18th. Don't worry, I'm sure I'll be back to remind you about that before broadcast day. Haven't seen the finished ep myself yet, but I went along to filming back in August and it looked very promising.]

I'm also writing for a strategy computer game called Fate of the World, an ongoing project that will be keeping me busy for a while yet. I'm negotiating with a publisher about a new non-fiction book, waiting to hear on a couple of children's TV projects [one longshot, one more likely] and sundry other prospects.

All in all, things are rather busy. So I'd best not procrastinate any longer today. Onwards!

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