Sunday, October 17, 2010

Family Guy vs Masterchef: spot the difference

I heart Masterchef, particularly Masterchef: The Professionals with stern-faced Monica Galetti. A favourite round is where contestants cook for culinary critics. Kate Spicer must suck lemons between courses to keep her disapproval so sharp, while Jay Rayner smirks and sneers simultaneously.

But a critics round feels devoid without the presence of Charles Campion - or, as we like to call him in our house, Family Guy. Campion bears a startling resemblance to bumbling, clueless cartoon patriarch Peter. Should there ever be a live action Family Guy, I hereby propose Campion for the role. It's a perfect fit. Perhaps Charles could take Family Guy on tour, like the Doctor Who Live show. But who would you cast as the other characters?

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