Friday, September 03, 2010

guilt is a rope that wears thin [my first album cover]

No, I haven't formed a band called Brzozowo-Antonie. Nor I have retreated to a cabin in woods beset by a permanent fog to record a moody mumblecore album. Pictured above is my take on a Facebook meme where you combine random searches on Wikipedia and Flickr to create a mock-up of your mythical band's first album cover.

These are the instructions: Click here to be transported to a random Wikipedia article. The first random article you get is the name of your band. Next, click here to visit a random quotations page. Use the last quote on the page as the title for your album. [If the quote's too long, just use the last four or five words.]

Now click here and you'll be taken to a Flickr page will full of interesting photos uploaded in the last seven days. The third picture - no matter what it is - is your album cover art. Use iPhoto or Photoshop or similar to edit the picture as required. Then put all the elements together in Pages or inDesign or another desktop design piece of software.

Feel like sharing the results? Post your first album cover to Facebook or your blog [with this instructional text in the "caption"] and tag the friends you want to join in. Took about eight minutes to pull mine together, from start to finish. I tag Lucy Vee, Andrew Tibbs, and Helen Caldwell.


Anonymous said...

Brzozowo-Antonie sounds like a Polish boy band, The Brzoz for short.

I've got my band name, album title and cover art but at the moment am proving too technically challenged to put them together. I'll enlist help and get back to you.

Simon said...

Great meme David.

25th Parallel North's first album is: "Putting it into practice".

Anonymous said...

Ta da!

This meme has really made me aware of the computer and design skills I'm lacking. Something to work on, I think. Hopefully next time I get tagged to do something like this I'll be able to make a better job of it.

joe bloke said...

apparently, I'm Ray Thorburn, and my album's called " a talent for civilized conversation, " but I'm buggered if I can figure out how to do all the technical jiggery-pokery neccessary to turn my rather nice b&w picture of a wet fit bird into a cover. . .