Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Wonderful Don McGlashan concert in Edinburgh

Couple of weeks ago I got to see Don McGlashan play a solo gig at Cabaret Voltaire, a tiny dungeon of a venue in central Edinburgh. It was a brilliant show, full of old favourites from iconic Kiwi bands Blam Blam Blam, the Mutton Birds and the Front Lawn. Ian Rankin's a McGlashan fan and was gutted about missing the show - sorry Ian!

Happily a few people were filming the gig and one of them has posted nine tracks from the show up on YouTube. Decided to embed Anchor Me here, despite my horror of harmonica music. The song's become associated with French spies blowing up Greenpeace vessel the Rainbow Warrior in Auckland's Waitemata Harbour. Hard to believe that happened 25 years ago. Anyway, do check out the other clips from the gig on YouTube.


Ashley Pharoah said...

It always warms my cockles when someone else recognises this man's huge talent. The Mutton Birds remain my favourite band of all time.

Did you know that there was an ITV 2-parter back in the 1990s called ANCHOR ME, title borrowed from the glorious song of that name? Written by.... ahem ... me.


I see your ITV 2-parter and raise you
a Rebus novel by Ian Rankin called The Falls, also named after a Mutton Birds song.

Looking forward too your Kate Atkinson adaptations, by the way!