Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Snowbound in Biggar

Unseasonal blizzards [yes, blizzards] have cut off the town where I live. I was supposed to be at my part-time teaching job today, interviewing applicants for next year's Creative Writing MA cohort and giving a lecture on revenge narrative in Contemporary Hollywood Cinema. Instead I'm trapped in the house, while outside resembles a Stephen King Christmas Carol. Spooky.

10.30am UPDATE: Snow now thicker than ever. Thank Grud I abandoned my attempt to reach Edinburgh by any means necessary. It's like The Day After Tomorrow outside, but without any sign of Dennis Quaid. Come to think of it, I'm meant to be flying south to Heathrow the day after tomorrow for Eastercon. Miracle thaw may be required to make that happen, at this rate.

2.20pm UPDATE: Terrible news about Lanark pupil dying after bus crash in snow, just a few miles from here. Still snowing but temperature's creeping up, and local farmers doing their best to clear roads. No sign of gritters. It's not like the council didn't have several days warning about this. Way to stay on top of things, SLC!


John said...

Looks fantastic!

Lee said...

You've been picked up by The Guardian!

The fame!