Tuesday, December 29, 2009

STV admits failing audience. At last.

Back in October I ranted about STV dumping most of the ITV network's drama in favour of low cost repeat and cod Scottish documentaries. STV did 'fess up to the fact it was all about saving money - opting out of broadcasting dramas like The Bill, Lewis, The Fixer, Collision, Doc Martin et al saved the company money. Instead of these, viewers north of the border got cheap imports and toss.

Well, it seems STV has finally woken up to the fact its viewers prefer quality over tat. Chief executive Rob Woodward told the Sunday Times to expect back some programmes dumped by STV in 2009. "Sunday night was our major mistake. We've underperformed and failed the audience on a Sunday." So STV viewers who can't get SKY, Freeview or cable can hope for better programming on Sundays.

But what about the rest of the week? What about the revamped Bill, or numerous other midweek dramas? When ITV screened its weeknight event Collision over five consecutive nights, the drama got a 30% audience share. Meanwhile STV broadcast a low-cost show called The Greatest Scot - and got a 13% audience. Sunday nights are not the only problem, STV. Wise up, you tossers.

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