Sunday, November 01, 2009

Art for Hearts charity auction

Normally I don't plug charity events on this blog unless they're to do with some form of cancer research [I've lost too many good people to the big C]. But this appeal from regular Vicious Imagery reader Ian Stacey sounds like a good cause to me...


I’m currently organising an auction to raise funds for research done by the transplant team at Great Ormond Street Hospital. This is a cause very dear to my family - our son’s life was saved by a heart transplant four weeks after birth. The auction is original art and signed digital prints by children’s illustrators. I know this is an unusual subject for your blog but we would appreciate any publicity we could get.

The ART FOR HEARTS auction features work donated by children’s illustrators such as Korky Paul, Lynne Chapman and An Vrombaut. Most of the art is original although there are also some signed digital prints and screen prints too. All proceeds will help fund research by the transplant team at GOSH. Transplanted organs do not have the same life expectancy as non-transplanted organs and the team is seeking ways to combat this.

Full details of the auction are available to view here. It will run on Ebay for a week from Monday, November 2nd.

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