Friday, September 04, 2009

Snakes on a cane, and other random stuff

Loving the promo image for the new season of House [its sixth], which kicks off soon across the Atlantic. Been having a season four re-watch on DVD of late and thoroughly enjoying it. The reality show elimination motif adds a lot of fun to the show, helping to alleviate the occasionally formulaic nature of House episode structure. [In short, the patient nearly dies at the end of each act.]

In other news, I finally sent away a short job that's been kicking my arse for far too long. Not that I needed reminding, but I shouldn't take on jobs for which I don't have much enthusiasm - when your heart's not in it, your writing won't have much heart. [Yikes, I sound like the dude from Mystery Men who always talks in riddles. Love that film.] So, yeah, don't take commissions for the sake of it.

What else? Got notes back on the first draft of my Doctors episode. Nothing apocalyptic I'm happy to report [while being careful not to go into any specifics]. Second draft is now submitted. This is the make or break draft, I'm told. Yikes. Will hear back about that in due course. No doubt there'll be a third [and probably a fourth] draft ahead, but I'm learning so much at the same time.

Off to Edinburgh this afternoon to see classmates from the screenwriting MA course I did 2005-2007. Some of them I haven't seen since graduation nearly two years ago. Feels an apt moment for a spot of reliving our student experience, as next Thursday I start teaching a new creative writing MA at Edinburgh Napier University. Call it karma, coming full circle, or whatever. Me, I'm just excited.

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