Monday, September 14, 2009

Our definitions of Classic TV Drama may differ

Looking for something on, I noticed a sidebar in the DVD section headed Classic TV Drama. Everybody's definition of what constitutes classic TV drama is always going to differ, but some of the shows included beggar belief. Have a look at the list and decide how many of these deserve to be called classics:
* All Creatures Great and Small
* Ballykissangel
* Band of Brothers
* Bergerac
* Bonekickers
* Boys from the Blackstuff
* Edge of Darkness
* Howard's Way
* Hustle
* John Le Carre
* Judge John Deed
* Life on Mars
* Singing Detective
* Robin Hood
* Spooks
* This Life
My own list would only include eight of these, and that's being generous in one or two cases. There's a few definite non-starters in my humble opinion [All Creatures Great and Small was entertaining, but classic TV drama?], and one or two suggestions that contradict all known common sense. Car-crash TV drama maybe, but not classic...


Michael Cook said...

Classic - as anyone who has ever heard a few hours of the Classic Gold radio station can tell you - appears to mean "over ten years old" these days.

Grant said...