Friday, July 24, 2009

Coming soon: Bonfire of the Kindles got itself into trouble lately by deleting a version of George Orwell's novel 1984 from the Kindle e-book readers of its customers. They'd paid for the book, yet Amazon electronically removed it from their Kindles. The reason for this marvellously Orwellian act of intervention? Amazon had sold a version of the e-book to which it didn't have electronic distribution rights.
Couldn't help but wonder what other e-tomes could become the subject of bizarre, yet strangely acts of electronic intervention? Perhaps every Kindle containing a copy of Farenheit 451 could self-immolate if a fire engine goes past. Or The Book of Lost Books might disappear completely unless you read it once a week. More worryingly, I'm convinced someone's going to start The Twitter of Anne Frank. [Too late, it's already happening.]

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Anonymous said...

I was laughing to myself and thinking the very same I put it on Google and came up with your site. What a hoot! This grim little grey thing must go!