Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Two steps backward, one step forward

I hate writing scripts in a bitsy, stop-start manner. Unfortunately, that's exactly how I've having to write the third draft of my Lighthouse project script. Been fitting it in around other things for what feels like forever, and not making much progress. Every time I get some momentum, I have to stop for something else: a week's holiday, three days in Belgium, three days on family business, and two or three days at week at my part-time job.

Every time I come back to the script, I have to go back through what I've already done to remind myself of the characters' voices. Even that wouldn't be such an issue if this weren't a page one rewrite. I've had to throw out two previous drafts and start my scratch, but erasing the memory of those past iterations is easier said than done. Spent yesterday going through what I'd already done and found things coming apart round page 25.

So I had to perform script surgery all afternoon, cutting whole scenes, shifting others and inventing fresh material to bridge the gaps. As a consequence I ended up with less than I'd started the day with. Not only did I not add any new pages, I actually cut one from what I had. Argh. If I could just get a clear run at this, an undisturbed week, I could finish.

But it's back to work at Edinburgh Napier University tomorrow and Thursday, meaning another broken week. Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying my part-time job teaching creative writing. But there are moments when I can't help resenting the fact it's getting in the way of my own creative writing. No doubt there's a delicious irony to be had from all of them, but frustration isn't the best state of mind to savour that.
Oh well. Onwards.

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