Friday, June 26, 2009

Thank God almighty, draft three at last

Finished the third draft of my Lighthouse project script this week, after an elephantine gestation process. It's effectively a first draft, as I had to throw nearly everything out from first two drafts and start again - and it shows. Pacing's hinky, characterisation inconsistent and it lacks a consistent tone. Some glimpses of good stuff, but project fatigue has taken its toll. Not even close to my best work, alas.

I'm waiting on feedback and will make a decision after that whether I want to attempt a fourth draft. In truth, I'm more than ready to move on. The Lighthouse team writing project has much to recommend it, but the script I've ended up with doesn't bear much resemblance to my writing. I could spend three months and a fistful of new drafts changing that, but suspect I'd be better off developing a feature.

I'll be back tomorrow with thoughts on the first half of 2009 for my writing, news of workshops I'll be leading in Dundee and Edinburgh, and other titbits. Onwards!


Janice Okoh said...

Will you be giving us feedback as to the pros and cons of the course?

Dave said...

Helen said...

I was at your workshop in Dundee on Sunday. I enjoyed it a lot, thanks! I've written up some notes about it on my blog. Although I don't see myself writing graphic novels, I found your advice about choosing which moments to best tell a story very helpful.