Friday, June 05, 2009

Still not the Weakest Link

I won the Weakest Link again on BBC1 yesterday. Alas, it was a re-run of my appearance from last year, so I don't get another £1570 - lovely as that would be in these financially stricken times. I don't even get a repeat fee, more's the pity. By strange coincidence, earlier this week I watched the Doctor Who episode where Rose appears on The Weakest Link. Upon reflection, I'd have to say the Anne-Droid was surprisingly realistic.

Started building some momentum on my Lighthouse project third draft yesterday. Need to hurry up and finish that, but this draft is a total page one rewrite, not a quick buff and polish job, so each scene raises new questions I hadn't previously contemplated. Working at Napier today, and much of the weekend will be devoted to a project about which I can say nothing. Some paid work now, maybe more later with exciting potential - nice.

Voted in the European elections last night - at 9.57pm, to be precise. Didn't want to get crushed in the rush, you understand. Here in Scotland we had a selection of thirteen choices - 12 parties with list candidates [no, I don't understand what that means either, nor do I care] and one independent. Almost voted for the independent, just because he got stuck at the bottom of the ballot paper as number 13 - but didn't. Sorry, #13.

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Sofluid said...

I saw your facebook announcement too late last night and The Weakest Link had finished! Doh!

Was very disappointed!

What did you do with the money you won? Treat yourself? :)

Good luck with the re-write!