Friday, April 03, 2009

Not drinking the fool-aid

Breathing a sigh of relief after what's felt like a non-stop charge around that's lasted the best part of two weeks. Several significant milestones attained on the new creative writing MA I'm helping develop at Edinburgh Napier University. Delivered my first two lectures - war films last week, horror films yesterday. After three months in the job, things are slowly falling into place. Three months? Cripes. Where did that go? Did I blink?

From tomorrow my main focus is writing the second draft of my Lighthouse project script. There's good material in the first draft, but a lot that needs reworking. Foolishly, I had the guest characters defeating the two threats in my episode, forgetting one of the first screenwriting lessons I learned: never take the resolution out of the hands of the protagonist. [McKee may be out of fashion, but he still speaks common sense.]

Changing the ending has a backwards ripple effect through the whole episode, so that needs to be factored in. Some of the regular characters' serial threads have been tweaked, so those need to be woven into the script. Got some murky motivations among the anatogonists, so those need clarifying. And the entry point for injecting the regulars into the action has been refined, so that's another stone into the plot - big ripples ahoy.

Delivering on deadline by Tuesday April 14 is still achievable, but complicated by the fact I'm going to this year's British National Science Fiction Convention [a.k.a. LX Eastercon]. Three days in Bradford, talking about all things science fiction and fantasy. I'm moderating one panel about classic British comics, and appearing on another panel about writers from other media crossing into comics. Should be a blast. Onwards!

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ross said...

I'd be interested to know which horror films you picked and what your reasons were. I've passed many happy hours arguing back and forth about the merits of films that most people would dismiss.