Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Only 3 days until FP mega-signing event!


Edward Kaye said...

*Sigh* No chance you'll shift the venue to Victoria BC, Canada is there????????

If I were in the UK I would be therefor sure. I would jump at the chance to meet all these amazing creators. Oh, and I suppose I'd also say hi to Frazer too ;)

Scaramanga said...

Man! I was in FP when I was back in the burgh of Edin about 3 weeks ago.

I picked up something awesome and was then distracted by my brother in law.

What did I go and do? forget my purchase and cant even remember what the name was now!

All I know is it was world war 2 tales with odd twists, like giant robots etc. Looked very cool.


Oh and I second the previous comment. BC is much closer to the Yellowknife!!