Monday, January 26, 2009

I love the smell of epiphany in the morning

Just finished a beat sheet for my episode of the Lighthouse TV drama team-writing workshop, and had a juicy little epiphany. Nothing huge, more a case of putting together several pieces of the jigsaw and recognising the picture they create. Love it when you get these realisations, seeing things that are obvious once you know them but so elusive until that happens. One flash of inspiration resolves a plethora of nagging doubts. Nice.

Need to write a couple of test pages from my putative script, see if I can find the voices of my guest cast and the regulars. Need to choose scenes that reveal character, advance the plot, have a story arc of their own and feature some flavoursome dialogue. What else? Need to rewrite a plot synopsis for The Phantom, turning an interesting but unfocused one-one into a gripping two-parter. Plus my editor wants another one-off plot synopsis as well.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I'll be in at Napier, and back there again next Monday and Tuesday. Then it's off to Brighton for two days of Lighthouse activity, followed by four nights in That Fancy London. I had hoped to be heading across the Atlantic to Los Angeles two days later, but my parlous finances torpedoed that plan. Need to earn some money above and beyond my part-time work at Napier, to get my bank account back in the black. Onwards!

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