Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Enemy of the Daleks cover now online!

The cover for my Doctor Who audio drama ENEMY OF THE DALEKS is now up on the Big Finish site. This reveals two guest cast names, so I can talk about them too. Kate Ashfield played Simon Pegg's girlfriend in Shaun of the Dead, while Eiji Kushuhara's been in most everything you can imagine. I loved him as Mr Toshimoto in dinnerladies, but he also appeared in The Elephant Man, Tenko, A Very Peculiar Practice and was the narrator for Banzai.


Neil said...

Based on the little that is there it looks interesting. Now that Big Finish is putting the stories out in groups of the same Doctor was there any specific continuity between your story and the one before and after that you needed to keep in place?


David Bishop said...


Matthew Cochrane said...

It's a fab cover indeed.