Wednesday, December 24, 2008

One sleep until xmas

Before I forget, a happy xmas and merry new year to all readers of Vicious Imagery. Thanks for casting your eyes across my inane ramblings during 2008. You can expect more of the same in 2009, but with less frequency. I officially start work as a part-time lecturer in creative writing at Edinburgh's Napier University on January 5th next year [only 12 days away], so that will cut into blogging time. But I'll endeavour to keep you up to date on stuff.

Sad to say, I'm still finishing off a project that should have been done last week or even the week before. But illness and the local xmas show blew a big, fat hole in my schedule, so December 24th is a frenzy of last minute research and writing. There'll be a few days off, but I've got to get straight back into action come Monday. Need to write a new draft of my episode treatment for the Lighthouse TV drama team-writing workshop project thing.

Plus there's am audio book project I've been contracted to write that needs quite a few hours of my time. The good news I'll be hitting the ground running in 2009. Throw in the Napier job and time will be at a premium. Back to Brighton on January 8th for day 5 of the Lighthouse course. Got a new draft of The Woman Who Screamed Butterflies to do, that's been sat in a queue for months. A new book project beckons, assuming the planets can be aligned.

Once the xmas crush has passed it'll be time for the semi-annual Vicious Imagery ruminations. I'll look back on the year past, see what goals I've achieved and what objectives remain in my future. Plus there'll be some plotting and planning for 2009, and no shortage of other writerly witterings and work displacement activities. In the meantime, have a happy break, keep safe and healthy, and I'll see you on the other side of xmas. Onwards!

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Apple said...

Cheer!! Merry X’mas & Happy New Year!! Wish you all the best in year 2009!!!