Friday, December 05, 2008

It's another madcap day of running around

Signing contracts today for an interesting little audio drama project I plan to write just after Christmas - will reveal more when I can talk about it. After yesterday's conference call I've got a new A story for a novel to write up this morning, involving research into finding just the right tropical disease. Then a dash to Edinburgh to have an on-camera interview for a BBC4 documentary to be screen in 2009 - again, more when I can talk about it.

All of which is followed by another meeting for something else I can't talk about until all the paperwork's been signed off. This last thing is related to the forthcoming announcement I mentioned yesterday [hopefully I can spill the beans on Monday, if not before]. That meeting's followed by another meeting on similar lines. Then another mad dash back home to attend a concert and, just maybe, some food late tonight. It's an end to end life right now.

Bring on the weekend!


Al Rutherford said...

You slacker!

Philip Palmer said...

Good luck with, um, whatever it is you can't talk about.

May the demons be with you!