Saturday, November 29, 2008

Is David Knijnenburg the next Doctor Who?

Now David Tennant has announced he's leaving the title role in Doctor Who next year, there's an endless stream of speculative press coverage proposing and debating likely candidates to take over control of the TARDIS. [Personally, I think it'd be fun to have a female Doctor. I hereby nominate Emilia Fox, pictured above.] Anyway, here's an Australian newspaper story trying to conjure a local candidate for one of TV's most wanted jobs - enjoy!

Will David Knijnenburg replace Tennant as Doctor Who?

An intriguing set of coincidence has raised the possibility that the next Doctor Who could be a 41-year-old Brisbane actor called David Knijnenburg [below].

Hardly a household name, Knijnenburg is nevertheless a stalwart of the Australian stage.

His recent sudden departure for the UK "for an audition" took on a new light when it emerged the current Doctor, David Tennant, was quitting the BBC series.

Knijnenburg was extremely coy when asked by Confidential if he had put up his hand to pilot the TARDIS.

"If that were true then I probably wouldn't be in a position to be supposed to be talking about it," he said.

Knijnenburg was reportedly spotted several times in the Old Dart with members of the Doctor Who production team, including at well-known entertainment industry lair The Ivy, where deals apparently get inked.


Laura Anderson said...

I'd like a female doctor. From talking to a few non-female fans of the show though, i got the impression that such a move would go down badly with a lot of folk. Shame.

Brian Robinson said...

Interesting suggestion. I like the idea of the Doctor not being the good looking fellow he's been of late. I'd really like to see a return to the Edwardian gent of old. The HG wells and Jules Verne aspect of the show always excited me. Not a fan of a female Doctor, however. He's a man, just as Romana and Flavia are women. Yep, I'm a stick in the mud. ;)

Annaliese said...

Oh please dear God, give us some more eye candy! I LURVE David Tennant - funny, smarmy, brainy and very easy on the eye. Don't give us some random dude!

That said, I wouldn't be totally opposed to the idea of a female doctor - but she'd just be eye candy for the boy fans...