Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Change, my dear, and not a moment too soon

Stayed up to watch the US presidential election results come in. I've long been hooked on American politics, and even considered spending this week across the Atlantic to savour the moment that's come. Deadlines made that impossible, but I was still determined to see the US deliver itself from the last eight years. Happily, it did and Obama gave a great, lyrical acceptance speech in Chicago, full of tripling phrases and poetic writing.

Spent yesterday finishing off a project I've been working on since January. Contract obligations preclude me from spilling the beans just yet, but it's due to be announced soon, so I'll reveal much more soon. Three days left this working week and they're just packed. Several hours of prep today for a double meeting on Friday, plus a conference call about another project I'm not at liberty to divulge. [I may end up regretting my late night of Obama.]

Tomorrow it's back to Brighton for the second session on the Lighthouse screenwriting for television course. The team will be getting to grips with its chosen project, plotting the way forward and planning our next steps, both as a collective and as individual writers. Back home late tomorrow night, before spending all of Friday in Edinburgh. Meeting two former MA screenwriting classmates for coffee, followed by several more meetings.

Come Saturday I'll be enjoying the last of this year's birthday presents, a trip to Murrayfield to watch Scotland take on the mighty All Blacks in a rugby union test. The New Zealand side will be a bit jaded from travelling halfway round the world, and a bit ring rusty after several months apart. But they stopped in Hong Kong en route and came back from behind to defeat arch rivals Australia in a special test match on neutral territory.

Scotland have never beaten the All Blacks at rugby in what must be round a hundred years of trying. Can't say I fancy their chances much this time either, but rugby's a funny game and anything can happen. Whatever takes places, it should be an enjoyable experience, albeit a chilly one. Hats, scarves, gloves, thermals and fleeces will be needed to ward off the cold. Haven't seen the All Blacks live for 20 years, so it'll be a blast. Onwards!

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