Thursday, October 23, 2008

Whole album concerts I'd like to see

There's a vogue at the moment for recording artists to stage concerts where they perform an entire album in order. Lou Reed, The Wonder Stuff, Gary Numan and OMD all have had or are taking a crack at this. Not that the concept's a new idea - Suede did a week of concerts five years ago where each night was a different album from their back catalogue. David Bowie did something similar when he released Heathens, performing Low in full in concert.

So, what albums would I like to see performed in full and live? If death wasn't a factor, I'd start with Kind of Blue by Miles Davis. But Miles isn't with us anymore, so that'll have to remain a fantasy. Ditto anything by the Beatles, seeing as how half the band isn't around anymore. So let's stick to acts that are, by and large, still alive. Assuming I won the lottery, who would I hire to perform favourite albums in full and live on stage?

ABC - LEXICON OF LOVE: A joyous confection of 80s-tastic production and bittersweet lyrical wordplay. I must have listened to this a zillion times over the years. Always surprising to rediscover it only lasts 37 minutes, as it feels so much bigger.

DAVID BOWIE - HUNKY DORY: A pick 'n' mix selection of styles and songs. This feels like Bowie trying on a dozen different outfits, searching for the perfect persona to become a superstar. Plus it features Life on Mars - pure class.

PRINCE - SIGN O' THE TIMES: A double-album but Prince loves giving long concerts, so stamina shouldn't be a problem. Another eclectic musical collection, ranging from cold funk to hot soul via perversity and playfulness. Ooky and its kooky.

JOHN HIATT - BRING THE FAMILY: A dazzling, hand-crafted album cut in handful of days that brought this much admired tunesmith to a wider audience. Remains a high water mark in his career, not a duff track to be found on it.

k.d. lang - INGENUE: A gorgeous gathering of songs, full of longing and yearning and simmering sexuality. Angst and joy and whatnot, all wrapped up in a shimmering, gutsy voice and heartfelt musicianship. Priceless.

So, what albums would you love to see performed in concert? No greatest hits compilations, no mostly dead bands, just your favourites and the reasons why. Post your answers in the comments section - and no sneering at other people's choices!


Lucy said...

I'm off to see Jeff Wayne's WAR OF THE WORLDS next year, cannot wait.

I would love to see SIGN O' THE TIMES as well, but I'd also pay to see LOVESEXY. I'd like to see DARK SIDE OF THE MOON by Pink Floyd in full, PARANOID by Black Sabbath, SONGS OF FAITH & DEVOTION by Depeche Mode and OCTOBER RUST by Type O Negative.

MerseyMal said...

In 2005, I saw MARILLION perform the whole of the 2CD version of their 2004 album MARBLES which was very good.

Have also been to a concert by the former frontman of theirs, FISH (Derek Dick), doing the whole of MISPLACED CHILDHOOD in 2005, but I'd like to be at a concert with this album being done by a FISH-led MARILLION.

Otherwise it'd have to be


ROGER WATERS - RADIO KAOS: have a bootleg cassette of a Wembley Arena concert and it was rather good

ROGER WATERS - AMUSED TO DEATH: My favourite solo album of his. Unfortunately he never toured to promote this one.

oh and like Lucy

DEPECHE MODE - SONGS OF FAITH & DEVOTION: which is my favourite album of theirs

Tom Murphy said...

The Stone Roses (first album) - building up from the hypnotic opening of 'I Wanna Be Adored' to the joyous, delirious jam of 'I Am The Resurrection'. Pure magic from a very happy time in my life.

matthew_in_ham said...

The masters of this are clearly Sparks who played all 21 of their albums over four weeks earlier this year, culminating with their latest album that was released just beforehand. I managed to see a few of the concerts and they were great fun. In the last year I have also seen Wishbone Ash do Argus and the Sensational Alex Harvey Band do Framed. It's a great tradition and long may it continue.

Guillaume said...

The Cure - Disintegration
They already did it a couple of years ago along with 2 other albums: Pornography and Bloodflowers.

Joy Division - Unknown pleasures

Nine inch nails - The Fragile
Another good concept album

Sonic Youth - Sister
My favorite album, the guitars are singing as if they were alive on this one.