Saturday, October 04, 2008

Sarah Jane Smith audio dramas on special!

Big Finish is offering a special deal on its SARAH JANE SMITH audio dramas this month. You can now buy both series of adventures featuring the popular Doctor Who companion for just £30, a saving of £55! For that you get nine discs and nine hours of thrills and chills featuring the lovely Elisabeth Sladen - a bargain in anyone's book.

Why am I plugging this? I contributed one of the stories in the first series, a taut tale called Test of Nerve. When the SJS audios were revived several years later, I was lucky enough to write all four scripts for the second seres. It's the longest story I've ever told, which the cast and production team did an amazing job bringing to life.


Andy Phillips said...

Brilliant acheivement. Bravo, sir. You go from strength to strength. May you continue to do so!

Neil said...

Any chance of a third series or a single audio resolving the cliffhanger you left us at the end of the second series? If not, could you tell us what you had planned? Thanks.