Friday, October 10, 2008

Rodeo cakes, country singers and Roald Dahl

A month or two back I reconfigured Vicious Imagery to take advantage of improvements to Blogger. In doing so I stuffed up my links to Sitemeter, so switched this blog over to StatCounter instead. My favourite part of their service is better access to the keywords that lead people here. As you'd expect, plenty arrive looking for me, my work or things relevant to either of those.

For example, last year I reprinted my Sopranos episode guides. These covered the first three seasons of the acclaimed HBO show, and have generated a lot of traffic ever since. I reprinted my interview with author Roald Dahl and that guarantees a steady stream of visitors to this blog. Guess there's not many Dahl interviews freely available on the world wide interweb.

My guides to 80 different Michael Caine also bring quite a few punters. Lately everybody wants to know the final score from that kitsch Caine classic, Escape to Victory [a.k.a. Victory]. The Germans were up 4-1, but the P.O.W. side levels the scores 4-4 [must have been a real hairdryer halftime team talk]. Sylvester Stallone saves a penalty and it ends a draw.

More obscure keywords and phrases that bring people here: rodeo cakes; vicious swallow, Athelhampton House is reportedly haunted by what kind of animal?; Shania Twain's wooden leg; Claire Grogan's scar; Gordon Brown - texture like sun; the art of being subtle; London Underground murders; Sally Field sex; lust vicious; hoops dinner; and hot smut letters. Well odd.

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