Wednesday, September 03, 2008

In a world where Extreme Fishing is a hit

Sad news yesterday: that bloke whose voice you know from so many movie trailers has died. What to know what he looked like in person? Don was his name, and he's the first man into the back of the limo in this old favourite from YouTube:

In other news, Extreme Fishing with Robson Green has been a surprise ratings hit for Five here in the UK. What other past-times [sorry, I'm not buying fishing as an actual sport] could be given a similar goosing for TV purposes? Pimp My Macramé with Amanda Burton, perhaps? Celebrity Mah Jong with Ken Stott? Tap Dancing At 10,000 Feet featuring Fern Britton? Cock Fighting with Russell Brand? Smack My Cross-Stitch Up, with Charlie Boorman?

More suggestions welcome in the comments section. A No-Prize for the best suggestion!

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MerseyMal said...

Knitting In Acid presented by Brian Conley