Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rorschach's Comic-Con Diaries

What follows will be meaningless if you haven't read WATCHMEN, so feel free to move along. Otherwise, below you'll find an extract from some wag's vision of what would happen if masked vigilante Rorschach went to Comic-Con in search of openings as an artist. Absolutely catches the despair of the annual San Diego bunfest if you're trying to break in as a creator, and captures the voice of Alan Moore's brooding loner. Sample below, rest can be seen here.

July 22nd, 2008

Dog carcass in alley this morning, tire tread on burst stomach. The streets are extended gutters and the gutters are full of blood.

No one notices. Chesty girl in Elektra costume walks by and lecherous men stop to take photos.

Accumulated filth and sex, whores and politicians, following the droppings of lechers and capitalists. They had a choice, all of them. They could have followed in the footsteps of good men. Decent men who believed in a day’s work for a day’s pay.

Instead, they came to Comic-Con. Now they stand on the brink, staring into bloody hell.


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